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Random Musings from My Evening at an EP Release Party

Tonight I attended an EP Release party. (If you’re wondering what an EP is, it’s basically like a short album.) The album is the original creation of Jeremy Moore and a few of his incredibly talented musician friends.  (Jeremy is one of the sons of some dear friends of mine.) I highly recommend you order it off iTunes. It’s called “The Perfect Mold”. I would have the link to that here, but my computer isn’t letting me connect to iTunes at the moment.

Here’s a few thoughts and observations from my night, in no particular order except how they pop into my head:

  • The music really was incredible. I expected to enjoy it, but not to be blown away like I was. I didn’t want it to be over at the end.
  • It’s really cool to see how background vocals and instrumentation add to a song. A few of the songs I had heard on Jeremy’s Youtube channel, when they were still raw. They were really good then, but to hear them tonight with everything put together was amazing.
  • Of the people there tonight, there were the mostly college and early-to-mid-20’s folks, and there were the parents of Jeremy and another guy in the band, Tyler Cody. Then there was me. I sat with the parents, and definitely knew them better, of course, but after years of feeling like part of the younger group everywhere I went, it was really strange to be part of the older group tonight.
  • I really enjoy live music. I should take advantages of more opportunities to hear good live music. Key word being “good”.
  • Jeremy sings with such emotion. It made the music really move me, and even brought me to tears a few times, because everything about him communicated the emotion of what he was singing. Not that it was all sad, but the power of the emotion and passion he sang with got to me. I could have just been having an emotional day, but I don’t think so.
  • I wish Preston could have come with me. The songs and the setting (at the UFC House at Mountain Brook Community Church) were perfect for a fun date night.
  • Jeremy is going places with his music. He’s got everything to be a successful performer, in my opinion. His lyrics are original, creative, and insightful. His music is engaging and fun to listen to. He’s comfortable and real on the stage, which will win over his audiences. He’s passionate and gives it everything he’s got. And he’s got some amazingly talented, passionate friends as well, who helped make the music what it was tonight.
  • It was fun hanging with out with Gina (my friend and one of the guitar players’ mom), and with Kevin and Judi (Jeremy’s parents), even if it did make me feel old to be there with the parents. Mind you, these aren’t just the parents of these guys nor just my friends. Gina is the executive assistant for the pastor of our church. Kevin is the worship pastor at our church and the executive director for Mission Birmingham. It’s not every day I get to hang out at a concert with these people. And it’s definitely not every day that I get to hear them hollering and whooping. Yeah, it was for their kids, but it was still a fun moment.It was a great evening, and I am so glad I got to go! If you need a musician for a gig in Alabama, keep Jeremy Moore in mind. You can find his Facebook artist page here. If you get a chance to hear him perform, you definitely need to take advantage of it. You won’t be disappointed. And that wraps of the last of my random thoughts from the night.
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