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Video Game Treasures

We finally got wi-fi earlier this year for our house. ┬áThis past week, I finally gave in to my kids’ begging, and hooked our Nintendo Wii up to the wi-fi account. (I’m sure “hooked” isn’t the right word there. My brain is not finding the right words for me today. Ever had one of those days?)

Anyway…between hooking (or maybe tethering? connecting?) the Wii to our wi-fi, and a new game that the boys got for Christmas that had samples of some classic Nintendo games, I made the awesomely great discovery of Wii Virtual Console, where you can purchase and download classic games of the past onto your Wii! AND they had two of my all-time favorite ones on there – Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus!

I was ridiculously excited – like a 10 year-old getting his first iPod touch excited. Maybe even more so. Definitely more so. I immediately bought and downloaded both of my favorites. My boys thought I had gone crazy.

Playing those games again brought back a flood of memories with my brothers. Memories of spending hours on the weekends trying to pass the second boss on Kid Icarus, or trying to find our way to Gannon on Zelda. Memories of the celebrations when we succeeded. Laughter. Fun. Bonding.

I texted Darrell and told him about my find. We started talking about all the old games we loved as kids. I wished he had time to come hang out and play on it with me like we used to. It made me miss Rusty. He would have been trippin’, as he liked to say. I can hear him now, “Imma be trippin’ over here, now.” Gosh, I haven’t felt his absence this tangibly in a while now.

All this nostalgia surprised me. I’ve lately been thinking how empty and pointless video games are. But what I discovered is that the time we spent on those games back then are now priceless memories. Now, if that were the only thing we had memories of, that would be a bad thing, and there’s still an excess of it in our culture, and even in my own home these days. In moderation, though, it’s not time down the toilet. It’s another way of having fun and creating memories. Perhaps, next time my kids are playing their games, I should sit down with them and become a part of the memories they’re making with each other.

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My Last Day With Rusty

Today (well, most likely yesterday to most of you who will read this on Monday) marks one year since the last time I saw my brother. I was dreading this day; at one point even thinking that after today, all my memories of him would be over. One of the things I’ve done this past year to get through the big occasions/holidays, was to think to myself “This time last year, Rusty was doing this with us.”, and so part of me was scared that after today, I wouldn’t have that crutch.

I’ve also been dreading it because it’s another step of separation from having him here with us. And it’s a big step. Not as big a step as the 1 year anniversary of his death will be, but almost. After all, after Feb. 19, 2011, Rusty’s role in my life – at least the role he played here on earth – was for all intents and purposes, over.

I have also been regretting that I let so much time pass from the last time I saw Rusty till the day he died that I didn’t try to see him. Granted, he avoided us when he was down, and he got really down really fast. But still, I could’ve…should’ve…would’ve…..

But today, the Lord showed me what a tremendous gift He gave me with that last day. It was an absolutely perfect day in every way. The weather was gorgeous, the temp was perfect. Rusty had come to my house so we could ride out together, with my kids, to Darrell’s house (he’s my other brother- let the jokes begin) to celebrate our dad’s 60th birthday. The conversation on the way there was great and fun. I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but I remember being surprised by his great, upbeat attitude, and I remember us laughing a lot.

He was always a blast for the kids to play with, and that day was no exception. So I’m thankful their last memory of Uncle Rusty was also such a great one.

At one point, we decided to take a photo of all of us on the front steps. It turned out to be a great picture, and of course now it’s a most treasured keepsake. I know the Lord put that idea into my head so that we would have that memento of that special day. I wish I could share it with you, but it’s on my other computer that is not working at the moment.

After we left Darrell and Cindy’s house, we stopped by the park near their house so the kids could play for a few minutes. I have pictures of Rusty pushing Amy Beth in the swing and playing with the boys. Another great memory by which my kids can remember Uncle Rusty.

I remember even that day thinking how extra perfect and wonderful the day had seemed, and I really cherished the time I got to spend with Rusty that day. I wasn’t sure at the time why I felt that way, except that I heard God whispering in my heart, “This is a ‘last time’ moment today. You will not pass this way again.” I know that sounds ridiculous, but I really had that in my heart. I thought it was because Dad might not be with us for long. He’s paralyzed from a stroke and not in the best of health. I never dreamed it would be because Rusty would be gone about a month later.

So yes, I’m sad tonight because I miss my brother so very much, but I am so very thankful that my last day with Rusty was so wonderful.


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