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Video Game Treasures

We finally got wi-fi earlier this year for our house. ┬áThis past week, I finally gave in to my kids’ begging, and hooked our Nintendo Wii up to the wi-fi account. (I’m sure “hooked” isn’t the right word there. My brain is not finding the right words for me today. Ever had one of those days?)

Anyway…between hooking (or maybe tethering? connecting?) the Wii to our wi-fi, and a new game that the boys got for Christmas that had samples of some classic Nintendo games, I made the awesomely great discovery of Wii Virtual Console, where you can purchase and download classic games of the past onto your Wii! AND they had two of my all-time favorite ones on there – Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus!

I was ridiculously excited – like a 10 year-old getting his first iPod touch excited. Maybe even more so. Definitely more so. I immediately bought and downloaded both of my favorites. My boys thought I had gone crazy.

Playing those games again brought back a flood of memories with my brothers. Memories of spending hours on the weekends trying to pass the second boss on Kid Icarus, or trying to find our way to Gannon on Zelda. Memories of the celebrations when we succeeded. Laughter. Fun. Bonding.

I texted Darrell and told him about my find. We started talking about all the old games we loved as kids. I wished he had time to come hang out and play on it with me like we used to. It made me miss Rusty. He would have been trippin’, as he liked to say. I can hear him now, “Imma be trippin’ over here, now.” Gosh, I haven’t felt his absence this tangibly in a while now.

All this nostalgia surprised me. I’ve lately been thinking how empty and pointless video games are. But what I discovered is that the time we spent on those games back then are now priceless memories. Now, if that were the only thing we had memories of, that would be a bad thing, and there’s still an excess of it in our culture, and even in my own home these days. In moderation, though, it’s not time down the toilet. It’s another way of having fun and creating memories. Perhaps, next time my kids are playing their games, I should sit down with them and become a part of the memories they’re making with each other.

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