A Night With “Celtic Woman”

If you know me at all, you will know that I love all things Irish. I love their country, their accents, their history, and most of all their music in all of its expressions. I haven’t been to Ireland yet, but I hope to go one day….

So I was very excited when I heard that Celtic Woman was coming to Birmingham the weekend before Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect excuse to convince my husband to buy tickets for us to go. As we got nearer to the date of the concert, I started getting nervous. I had looked forward to being able to see them live for so long, that I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. It turns out, that I had nothing to worry about.

Everything fell into place for us that night. We got a great sitter for our kids (the kids love her AND she does the dishes!); we found a restaurant where we could get seated immediately, which is no small feat on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day (apparently Mexican isn’t considered a romantic restaurant to most); and we found a parking place within 2 minutes of getting to the venue, which again, is no small feat considering we had been told to arrive an hour before the event to find parking. There were 3 different events going on that night at the B’ham Jefferson Convention Center.

While waiting in the lobby before the concert started, I ran into one of my best friends from high school (whose name is also Jennifer). While talking with her, one of my current best friends, Meredith, came walking up the steps, wearing a kimono. She is always dressed to the nines, but with her own unique flair. As she said it herself, “Leave it to me to wear a kimono to a Celtic concert.” During the intermission, I texted with another one of my best friends (Yes, I have a few of them), who was also there. It made the evening so much more fun to spend it with so many friends.

When we finally got seated, we met a lady and her daughter who had come from Atlanta to see the concert. They were hilarious and made the wait for the show to start fly by. I also found out they were Christians like us, and so it made our conversation that much sweeter.

The concert itself was spectacular – a feast for the ears with the incredible singing and instrumentals; and for the eyes with their gorgeous dresses, the dancing, and the very Celtic-looking set. They had an Irish dancer in a few of their numbers, and Irish dancing thrills me like very few things can. The concert was a mix of traditional Irish music, Celtic “folklore” music, pop music, and a couple of religious songs: “Amazing Grace” and “Ave Maria” (I have to admit, “Ave Maria” was one of the more breath-taking songs of the night, in my opinion). Preston said he also thoroughly enjoyed the concert, even though it’s not something he normally gets excited about, and he was great company the whole evening, making the evening that much more wonderful and enjoyable.


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2 thoughts on “A Night With “Celtic Woman”

  1. “Ave Maria” gave me chills! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening all around! (I’m jealous you found close parking though…) 🙂

  2. StevenLOREN webb

    As apparent you don’t know how much this makes my heart swell, almost as much so as when I witnessed the birth of Jennifer , which also made me weep for joy

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