A Change of TV Pace

This post is a bit different from my usual posts. It’s a “soapbox” type of post. These kind won’t happen often, I promise.

I never thought I would become one of “those” moms: they homeschool, they join Bible study and prayer groups, and worst of all – they don’t allow their children to watch the Disney channel. Now I have friends who do all those things, and I’ve always admired them for their commitment to their standards, but it just wasn’t….”me”. When I was growing up, the TV was always on, and it didn’t hurt me any. That’s what I told myself, anyway.

Well, now here I am. I homeschool my children; I not only have joined Bible study and prayer groups, I’ve even started them in some instances; and now, while not quite banning Disney altogether, have strictly limited what my kids can watch on TV.

It first began with a show about 2 brothers that my boys liked to watch every afternoon. While the show had started out okay and was even, in a way, cute, the later seasons became all about chasing girls, potty humor, and a total disregard for authority figures. My boys started picking up some of the attitudes and the sense of humor from the show, and that was it. When a show starts affecting my children like that, we’re done with it.

Recently, I banned almost every single show. There is a constant theme in all of them of disrespect for authority. In one show, the dad is also a police officer – a rather brilliant move on the part of the writers so that they can be disrespectful to two authority figures at once. (Come to think of it, there’s actually 2 shows where the single parent is a police officer.) The principal is out to use the students for her personal gain, and the teacher is so clueless that it’s up to the students to keep things straight.

I was worried that my kids would be upset, but they handled the news very well. They had no arguments or complaints. I was also wondering if they would drive me crazy being “bored” all the time. I figured, though, after a couple of weeks of boredom, they would find other ways to fill those TV times. And that is exactly what has happened. My boys have rediscovered the joy of “Veggie Tales Silly Songs”, which I have always loved. They’ve been spending way more time playing outside, using their imaginations to create elaborate games. They’ve gotten out old toys that I was about to get rid of for lack of use. The boys are playing so much better with their little sister. But the best part is that I can already see a change in their attitudes, and have become downright helpful. Without those bad attitudes and negative stereo-types being fed into them day after day, and as we study our Bible verses for Awana and our school work, I can see them becoming transformed by the renewing of their mind. (Like Romans 12:2 talks about) It’s amazing to watch.

So, I have become one of “those” moms. And I’m proud I did. But don’t worry, you still won’t see me in a denim skirt or a jumper any time soon.

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One thought on “A Change of TV Pace

  1. So true. I’ve banned the Disney channel as a whole just because I don’t want to take the time to find a show that’s acceptable. It’s so funny what you think you’ll do as a parent until you actually become one! 🙂

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