Being Quiet

I have been frustrated in my attempts to pray on my own lately. I would sit there and have to fight to come up with the words to pray – and then they would sound so juvenile instead of the “pretty” prayers I’m used to “coming up with”. I recently started journalling my prayers, and thought it would make it easier, but if anything it’s now worse. I have no words of my own. Instead, the only thing that comes to my mind is Scripture, whether it’s in prayerful worship or in intercession. I was writing out my frustrations to God this morning, and He quickly showed me that I am in a season of “being made silent”. (Not sure why I put that in quotation marks, it just felt like it should be in quotes.) I have grown self-sufficient in how I pray. He wants me to get back to praying only Spirit-led, Scripture-fed prayers. (I mean, Hello! That’s what Pastors Harry and Kevin have been leading us in for well over a year at my church, Shades Mountain Independent!) And sometimes, He doesn’t want me saying anything – just being still and trusting that His Sovereignty and grace are sufficient. He sees my heart and knows what’s in it – the worship, the gratitude, the requests, the concerns, the desires, and yes, even the sins and weaknesses, the deceptions I’ve bought into. He knows it much better than I ever will. I don’t have to say anything. Sometimes, I just need to be quiet and get out of the way so His Spirit can do His work in me and through me.

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5 thoughts on “Being Quiet

  1. Awesome thoughts! I know what you mean – sometimes I've just got to get back to the basics of prayer…

  2. Silence is difficult… especially when you're know you're not supposed to talk. I'm quiet A LOT, but it's during those times I'm not allowed to talk that I find myself foaming at the mouth. (Or whatever a better analogy would be.) I hope you are able to REST in the silence, rather than finding it constricting. God's given you a new voice, I think. He just needs to teach you how to use it. 🙂

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how you feel about coincidences, so I know what you're going to think about this. I was catching up on friend's postings and I wandered over to Amanda's page. The song playing is called, "Still" by Watermark. Usually, I immediately silence the music, so I can focus on the words, but I heard the words of the chorus:Still, let me be still Let me be OK With the quiet in my heart Still, I want to be still I'm so quick to move Instead of listening to you Shut my mouth Crush my pride Give me the tears Of a broken life, Still Isn't that AMAZING!! I truely believe I was meant to hear that… for YOU!!! Jennifer, Jesus LOVES you! He loves to LOVE on you and show you things you never even imagined. Stay "still" in Him and I know you're going to enter into a completely new season in your faith. I can't wait to hear about it! I love you, my friend.

  4. I'm a fellow Alabama Blogger and wanted to stop by for a visit! You can visit me @,, and Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. God is great… He is good all the time.. I know it is He's way to communicate with you… even in silence…

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