Collecting Buttons

I Conquered The Caption Resized

I won – again! Actually, twice again! Rachel has a “Conquer the Caption” contest every Friday. I had the honor of winning the first one, and have won the last two weeks in a row as well. And no, I did not have any inside information or previous knowledge to give me an edge. I just have a quirky mind that thinks this way all the time, and Rachel has just so happened to stumble on a good outlet for it.

Thanks to Rachel and all her wonderful, generous giveaways, I can never again say I hardly ever win anything, even if it is just a virtual button.

And while I am on the subject of buttons, I’m going to start collecting them. You may have noticed my blog button on the sidebar. That was also created by Rachel – just to be nice. I didn’t win that one. If you would like to display my button on your blog (if you use Blogger), all you have to do is to copy (ctrl-C) the code under my button, then go to layout –> Add Gadget –> HTML/Javascript –> Paste (ctrl-V) your code in. You will start seeing more of my friends’ blog link buttons on my sidebar as well in the near future.

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