I Conquered the Caption! and other fun stuff

I Conquered The Caption

This has been a good week for me. I’ve won two things! That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a person who rarely wins things. As you can tell from the button above, I won Rachel‘s very first “Conquer the Caption” contest! This is a fun little contest that is going to be a weekly feature on her blog. She posts a picture, and readers comment with a caption to go with the picture. What did I get for winning the very first Conquer the Caption contest, you ask? Well, I won….the button at the top of this post!!

Here’s the funny thing – back in my very young teenage years, I loved silly lapel pins/buttons. You know the ones that would say things like, “Smile, Jesus Loves You” or “Kiss me, I’m Irish”, or sometimes just the little guardian angel pins. I would wear one almost every day. At one point, there were 3 different ones I was wearing at the same time, and I had a few on my denim purse as well. Weird, I know. So, anyway, now that I’ve won this button, I’m thinking perhaps I should start seeing how many blog buttons I can collect! Whadduya think? Huh, HUH???….well….maybe not.

What I won earlier in the week though really is something to get super excited about – for me anyway. I won a 6-week pottery class – also through Rachel’s blog and her first annual giveaway jubilee! I have always been fascinated watching people make pottery, and have always had a secret desire to try it myself. I think it’s going to be so much fun to have this time to look forward to once a week to get out of the house by myself, and try my hand at something artistic. I’ve always been told that I’m a creative person, but other than playing my flute, I don’t really see it. I have a tremendous desire to be creative and artistic, but haven’t found an outlet for it that I really got excited about – except scrapbooking, but I just don’t have the time for that anymore. So maybe pottery will turn out to be my thing! Wouldn’t that be cool?

The other thing that makes this so neat for me is the person who donated these classes, Tena Payne. Her daughter and I were best friends back in junior high school, and I remember her doing pottery back then. In fact, my mom still has some coffee cups that Tena made her and gave her for Christmas or something way back when. Tena’s pottery is now used in high-end restaurants and the like all over the country! You should stop by her web site, Earthborn Pottery, and take a look at all the exquisite pieces she has that you can buy. And if you’re interested in taking some pottery classes yourself, you can visit Cahaba Clay Works and click on the “Classes” link at the top of the page for information.

There are a whole lot of other fun things we’ve done this week, but I will post about it later. And I will definitely let you know how the classes go!

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One thought on “I Conquered the Caption! and other fun stuff

  1. Congrats, Jennifer!! I’m glad you won too!!

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