A Google Game

On Facebook right now, there are a lot of fun little memes going around for people to play. The latest one I’ve seen is to do a Google search with “(your name) needs”, and to write/type out the first 10 results. Well, by the time I got to it, the search was skewed because of all the people doing this game, so I didn’t take exactly the first 10, just the first 10 that were somewhat funny to me. I also went to ask Jeeves and did the same thing. Here are the results of the 2 searches:

1. Jennifer needs a smack daddy. – umm…exCUUUUSE me?
2. Jennifer needs to play by the rules. – ‘cuz I’m such a rebel, you know.
3. Jennifer needs to give birth in the next week. – That would take a LOT of talent since I am not pregnant.
4. Jennifer needs to date Jason. – nope. I am happily married, thank you very much.
5. Jennifer needs to accept that she’s gained a lot of weight. – again – exCUUUUSE me?!?!?!?!
6. Jennifer needs a shave. – Man, Google is rather rude. I shaved yesterday if you must know.
7. Jennifer needs your support. – Yeah, after Google has insulted me and depressed me, I guess so.
8. Jennifer needs a mortician. – One of the stranger ones. I’m not planning on needing one, and last I checked, Google can’t tell the future.
9. Jennifer needs a muzzle. – mmm-hmm, mmm-mmmm-hmmm!(that’s me trying to talk with a muzzle on.)
10. Jennifer needs to stop watching “Lost” season 1. – In order to stop something, I would have to first start it, and I’ve never watched that show. (Some of you need to pick your jaws up off the floor now.)

Ask Jeeves
1. Jennifer needs to get over herself – Not much nicer than Google, is it?
2. Jennifer needs to get slapped. – In fact, it goes from verbal abuse to physical abuse. Yikes!
3. Jennifer needs to at least pay a fine. – Yeah, I had some library books overdue.
4. Jennifer needs this diva publicity. – A diva??? Me???? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
5. Jennifer needs a holiday! – AMEN!!! Is Google or Ask Jeeves willing to pay for it?
6. Jennifer needs to ease up on herself. – Sometimes that is very true.
7. Jennifer needs to tell people to have a nice, tall glass of “Shut Up”. – Oh My, that’s not very nice. tsk, tsk, tsk…
8. Jennifer needs more patience. – especially if I am going around telling people to shut up.
9. Jennifer needs to take things one baby at a time. – Umm, but I have 3 babies….

Apparently, I miscounted and forgot to write down a 10th one. Oh well.

Have you played this game? If so, let me know what you “need”! : )

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2 thoughts on “A Google Game

  1. Too funny! I’ve never heard the phrase “have a nice, tall glass of “Shut Up””, but I like it!!! 🙂

  2. That’s fun. I tried to play this game too, but Google didn’t have any good advice for me. It only returned like one or two phrases. Maybe I didn’t do it right?

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