A Conversation with Boys

I was playing with my hair this morning, trying to make it cooperate with me. David asked me what I was doing, which led to this converation:

David: What are you doing with your hair?
Me: Just playing with it.
David: Why?
Me: ‘Cause girls like to play with hair.
Harris: Well, boys don’t. Boys like to play with stuff like dinosaurs – especially T-Rexes – and cars and trucks and…
David: And we like to run into walls.

At which point Harris pauses to consider this and then says, “Yeah, and we like to run into walls!”

That explains a LOT – not the least of which is why I’ve noticed my walls looking quite banged up lately…

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8 thoughts on “A Conversation with Boys

  1. ha! thats great!

  2. I love conversations with kiddos!! That’s hilarious. . . .I’ll watch my walls next time I let David run laps in my house. 😉

  3. Aaaahhhh! I just noticed I made a typo in my title! I’ll have to go back and edit it! How embarrassing!

  4. Okay. It’s fixed now. I just got through putting Amy Beth to bed. Guess what she did while I rocked her for a few minutes? That’s right – she played with my hair. I love having a girl!

  5. That’s so cute:)

  6. Too cute!

  7. oh boys

  8. LOL@ run into the walls! That does explain a lot, huh? lolLinda

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