A Roach by Any Other Name…

David is always asking, “What’s that smell?” I usually can’t answer because I don’t smell anything. He must have the most sensitive nose in the world.

Tonight as I was brushing his teeth, he said, “What’s that smell?” I replied with my usual I don’t know. He then told me it smelled like a roach. I told him that I was not aware that roaches had a smell. He said, “Well, dead ones do.” I don’t EVEN want to know how he knows that.

I really just blogged about this because I wanted to use the title! : )

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One thought on “A Roach by Any Other Name…

  1. Oh yikes. As if I needed any more reason to hate roaches – DEAD ROACHES HAVE THEIR OWN SMELL!!! I can assure you that unlike David, I will never know what that smell is. I do remember David asking you that at lunch. That’s too cute! I love kid’s quirks! 😀

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