Which Photo Should I Choose?

5 Minutes for Mom is having a “Fun with Food” photo contest, and I need your help. Which of these 2 pictures should I enter for the contest?

Amy Beth tries a taste of graham cracker at Grandma’s house. The face says it all.

David enjoys one of his first meals of spaghetti. I would need to try and edit this one a little bit. I just don’t have a good photo-editing program on my computer.

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6 thoughts on “Which Photo Should I Choose?

  1. I like the first one. What an expression!

  2. I like them both! But the Graham Cracker one IS a good look!Also – http://lunapic.com is a GREAT free website for editing photos. I used this before I got software, and sometimes still use it because of all of the options it has.

  3. If it’s fun with food, I’d go with David. Looks like he had great fun. I’d also recommend Picasa. Check it out: http://picasa.google.com/

  4. i like the first one too.

  5. Yep, I’m going with the first one too. Both are cute though…

  6. 1st one! miss you

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