No Sweet Teeth Here!

We have been having a heck of a time trying to get Amy Beth to eat baby food. Her pediatrician said not to worry, some babies just skip over it and go to table food, but she hasn’t wanted the table food I’ve tried to give her either. I was at my wits’ end, especially lately when it was becoming obvious that her bottle was not satisfying her anymore. And since this is my third baby, I know most of the tried and true tricks.

So I did what I always do when I’ve tried all my options and failed – I prayed about it. (You would think that I would have thought of this first, since I am the prayer team coordinator for our worship ministry at church, wouldn’t you? It is disappointing to see how often I still try to rely on myself to get things done. No wonder we are referred to as sheep in the Bible, for I am just as dumb as one sometimes when it comes to submitting and depending on Him for everything. But I digress.) I asked God to show me what I needed to do to get Amy Beth interested in eating.

Last night I was very tired, so instead of preparing supper when I should have, I sat and watched “America’s Funniest Videos” with the boys. They showed a clip of a little boy (younger than 2 years) who would throw a fit if you tried to make him eat a cookie or piece of cake, but ate broccoli like most kids eat a cookie. He couldn’t eat it fast enough. I thought to myself that maybe that was Amy Beth’s problem – maybe this was God’s way of showing me what to try. Maybe Amy Beth didn’t like the fruit and cereal stuff, but would like the non-sweet vegetables and such. The thought had crossed my mind before, but I never seriously considered it because my 2 boys have major sweet tooths (they take after Preston). So this morning I gave her some zwieback toast, which she enjoyed far more than she ever did the sweeter-tasting biter biscuits. Then we tried a jar of peas – and she LOVED it! And after eating her fill, she laid down and went right to sleep – which she has not done in a couple of days, but fighting sleep and crying instead.

I guess she’s going to take after me. When I was little I didn’t like sweet stuff, either. Too bad I grew out it.

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One thought on “No Sweet Teeth Here!

  1. It’s funny how different babies can be. Ali has always preferred vegetables to fruit also, although she sure does like Candy and Chocolate now. . . oh well. 🙂

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