What’s in a Name?

The other day while shopping at Kids’ Market, I was trying to decide between 2 different dresses for Amy Beth. Both were a lot of money (for a Kids’ Market item), but both were really cute. I asked a fellow KM crazie which one she would choose. Her first question was, “What brand names are they?” This took me aback. That had never entered my consideration. But then I remembered the post Rachel had written about some boots someone had given to her for Ali. They were a brand name and a couple of people commented on it to talk about how awesome it would be to have that brand of boots for their little girl. I’m sorry, but I do not understand the fascination with brand names/designer clothing.

So I have been considering it ever since. What is the deal with brand names? I once thought maybe the brand named clothing was a better quality, but Rachel changed my mind about that when she wrote about her experience buying designer jeans. I know for some people it’s a status symbol thing, but is that really the only reason? Is it just a matter of status, or is it something more? I would love your input into this and help me understand. Not that it will change how I feel about brand name versus generic, but I would like to know what makes someone pay, say $200 for a pair of jeans when a $30 pair work just as well? Can someone enlighten me?

Oh and for those who hate a dangling story, I ended up choosing the brand name dress. Not because it was a brand name, but because Amy Beth didn’t have a dress that color. She’ll be wearing it to church Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. WOW – I was quoted twice in one blog! I think that’s a new record.I have to admit – I do like brand names. But I don’t always have them, and I am not usually willing to “pay” for them. So here are a few reasons that I like them:1. As I said, I’m not willing to pay full price for them, so if I get something name brand for the same price I could have gotten the generic item, I feel like I got a “steal of a deal” which makes me feel good.2. Despite my referenced post about designer jeans, I do think that to some extent, name brands usually are better quality. And this is true in baby clothes as well – I have had enough of both kinds of clothes for Ali to really be able to analyze the fabric, wear and tear, fit, etc and I really can see a difference in the longevity and quality.3. For some reason (I’m sure due to evil marketing geniuses) it makes me feel good to wear brand names. Not because of what other people think – they usually wouldn’t know what brand my clothes are anyway – it just “feels” happy. Silly, I know. But I’m just trying to be honest.4. Usually, they are cuter. At least in my opinion. But that could be due to that same evil marketing genius – he’s probably subconsciously planted in my head that if it’s name brand, it’s automatically cuter.Sad – as overanalytical as I am, it seems that my analysis is, in summary, “because it feels good”.Can’t wait to see Amy Beth’s designer dress! šŸ™‚ What brand IS it?

  2. I’m with you about the name brand stuff. I just don’t understand it at all. I’m happy shopping at Walmart for all my clothes and I’ll buy whatever I think is cute for Eli, regardless of brand. It’s just a tag… I don’t get why people pay more for it, and it bugs me when people do it to portray a certain status (not that everyone who likes name brands buys them for that reason). I’m all about bargains and get on much more of a shopping high when I find good deals at garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops than I ever would by buying an expensive name brand item.I’m working in the baby nursery this Sunday and can’t wait to see Amy Beth’s new dress!

  3. Yeah, Rach, not that you need the publicity now, but it was those posts that got me thinking about it.The dress is by “Bonnie Baby”. I have never personally heard of the name, but when the KM lady saw the tag, her eyes lit up and said, “ohhh!” in a very admiring tone of voice. It’s black and white gingham with a matching dress-coat, hat, and bloomers. Lindsey, I agree. I definitely get more of a high by finding the super good deals, which is probably why I am a Kids’ Market junkie (or crazie, as Rachel calls it.)Rachel, I had no idea you were even capable of being shallow about anything, especially clothes. We’ll pray for you. (KIDDING, of course!) ;P

  4. LOL – thanks – I think. ;)I’ve never heard of Bonnie Baby before either – but with all the matching pieces, it sounds adorable! I’ll be sure to peek my head in and look.

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