Some More David Stories

At supper the other night, David kind of choked a little bit. Here is our conversation about it:

Me: Goodness, are you ok?

David: Yeah (we are still working on the “yes ma’am and yes sir” thing). It went down the wrong way.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry.

David: It turned left.

Me: It did what?

David: It turned left, but it was supposed to go right. That’s where the food is supposed to go.

Me: Ohhh. So if the food is supposed to go to the right, what is supposed to go to the left? (I have a couple of ideas of what he’ll say – i.e. my drink, my spit, etc. However, as usual, David comes up with something out of left field.)

David: My energy goes down that side!

My other David story for this week is when we were on our way home from shopping at Kids’ Market – that’s another story for another post. He was so good, though, that I let him pick out a toy while we were there. He picked out a bag of Hot Wheels cars, of course. They were in a ziploc bag that was also taped. On the way home, he managed to pull the tape off. Now when David has something that needs to be thrown away, he wants it thrown away now. I normally have a trash bag in the car for such things, but I took it out recently and have not replaced it yet. So David wanted me to take his tape right now! I told him I was busy driving. I suggested he stick it to his leg and when we got home, I would take it off and throw it away. He thinks this is a good idea. However, a few moments later, he starts telling me the tape is hurting his leg. Now if you have a 4 year old, you know that they sometimes say something is hurting just because they’re not happy with something. I assumed this was the case. I explained that the tape could not possibly be hurting his leg and we would be home in a couple of minutes. David continues to complain, so once we stop at a traffic light, I turn around to take his tape from him – and see why it didn’t feel so good. He had pulled up his pant leg and stuck the tape TO his leg! I guess I should have been more specific. It just struck me as hilarious that Mommy would make such a seemingly bizarre suggestion, and he happily (and literally) obeyed without question. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. David did not see what was so funny about sticking tape to his leg, which made it even funnier to me. Although, it may be one of those, “You had to be there” moments. In which case, you should have been there.

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One thought on “Some More David Stories

  1. VERY Cute!!! I love toddlers. It’s so fun!!

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