Milking the Soap?

So yesterday, my mom, sister-in-law, and I were headed to the Southern Women’s Show. I picked up mom from work, and she wanted to go get something to eat because she had not had time for lunch that day. The only place she was hungry for was Subway. Now, everyone knows you cannot eat a Subway sandwich in the car – unless of course, you plan on wearing most of it on your clothes. So we stopped in to eat. I ordered my favorite – Meatball Marinara and ended up dropping some on my blouse – a brand new one that I had never worn before, of course. I head to the bathroom in the hopes that a little dab of soap and some water will do the trick. When I walk into the bathroom, I notice something on the sink. It’s a bag of pink stuff with an odd-looking tube thing attached to it. After glancing around for the soap dispenser, I realize that this bag of pink goo with the tube IS is the soap. Let me profusely apologize for not having a picture of it. My camera was out in the car, but I cannot describe just how unappealing, and even suggestive-of-something-naughty-looking, this thing was. I was determined to get the sauce off of my shirt, so I try to get the soap out of the bag through the tube. I squeezed, pushed, twisted, to no avail. Only by employing a pull-squeeze manuever was I able to get the soap out. Fortunately, the sauce washed off of my shirt, and I had a funny little thing to post on my blog – about the day I learned how to milk the soap.

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2 thoughts on “Milking the Soap?

  1. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!!! Years ago when I was in charge of ordering supplies at Slappey (and usually installed them as well), we had so many jokes about those soap bags. I mean, how could you NOT laugh?!?!?!

  2. I hear Dawn will get anything out.

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