A Bit About Bags

I got a new bag this week. I love it. My old bag was practical. It was the black canvas tote from Books-a-Million that everyone else at church also has – well, maybe not EVERYone, but a bunch of ’em do. But I was beginning to have problems with it – namely, it wasn’t big enough to hold the stuff I needed to put in it. I mean, it held it all, but only if you stuffed it. I do not like stuffed bags because inevitably, whatever you need to get out of the bag is always at the bottom. And since I have 3 kids and their stuff in tow as well, I am usually one-handed (at best) as I root through everything to find what I need. The other problem is that the only pockets were 3 on the outside – and they were small. I used one to hold my cell phone, one for my pens, which I learned the hard way is not an ideal place to keep pens (in an outside pocket). I broke my favorite one because I got bumped up against a wall, with my bag between me and the wall. RIP, favorite pen… But I digress, and one stayed empty because I didn’t have anything else that small to fit in it. Here is a picture of my practical black bag.

And here it is stuffed with all my stuff that I would take to church or Bible study. I don’t have it propped open, it gaps open like that because of all the stuff that is in it.

Well, I saw this new bag at Lifeway, and I had to bring it home. I used a gift card to buy it (along with an awesome CD – “Revival in Belfast”). The bag is bright red, which is not a color I normally choose, but something about this drew me. (And I’m told that red is the new black and can go with anything.) It has crosses on the outside of the bag, and a metal Christian-fish emblem hanging on the handle. It’s beautiful!

Here is the new bag with all my stuff in it. There are two pockets on the inside. One is the perfect size for my pocket planner and pens, and one is the perfect size for my cell phone. It also has 2 big pockets on the outside – on each end. It’s a great place to keep my keys. No more hunting in the bottom of the black bag to find them!

So, if you’re in the market for a new bag, go by Lifeway. They had them in different sizes and another color (kind of a champagne/beige-ish color). My bag is the biggest one they had. Did I mention I love it?

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3 thoughts on “A Bit About Bags

  1. It’s gorgeous! I just got a new Bible bag too!! But it was at Aeropostale – I had seen it months ago for $30, but yesterday it was $5!!

  2. Thanks! Wow! What a great deal you got on yours! I do not have good luck with sales like that. I either always miss them, or they don’t have the thing I had my eye on. You’ll have to show me yours Sunday.

  3. love the red! đŸ˜‰

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