Inside the Dreams of a 4-year-old

I love dreams. I love talking about them. I love listening to other people relate their dreams to me, and analyzing what they might mean. So naturally I encourage my kids to tell me their dreams if they remember them.

Today, David came to me and said he dreamed something a long time ago, which in a 4-year-old’s chronology, could mean last night. In his dream, he said he was hungry, so he ate it. Here is the conversation after that point.

Me: “What is it you ate?”

David: “My dream.”

Me: “You ate your dream?”

David: “Yep!”

Me: “What does a dream taste like?”

David: “Like chicken!” Of course it does. I should’ve known.

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3 thoughts on “Inside the Dreams of a 4-year-old

  1. That’s an awesome story!! I can’t WAIT until Ali can tell me about her dreams!!! Sometimes she’ll tell me random stuff when she wakes up, and so I wonder if it was dreams, but I can’t wait until she gets the actual concept!!

  2. Kids are just too cute aren’t they??

  3. SOOO FUN! I love my conversations I have with Caleb! Miss you!!!

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