Day Over

So today was Darrell and Cindy’s wedding. It was the sweetest, most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Knowing all that my brother has been through, and how long Cindy has waited and prayed for God’s choice to be her husband made it all the more special. Prayers were answered, and God was glorified. I think every family member – from both sides – got teary-eyed at least once. For Darrell, it was when he danced with our mom at the reception to the song, “Hello Mama” by the Kingdom Heirs. It’s sung from the perspective of a man who is thanking his mom for all her prayers, and telling her that she doesn’t have to worry any more because he has found Jesus and all her prayers were answered. Mom and Darrell both cried through the whole thing. (Now I’m crying.) How good God is to have answered all those prayers in such generous ways. As dark and hopeless as things looked sometimes in Darrell’s life, God used ALL of it for Darrell’s good, and for His glory. Mom, if you read this, thank you for praying and never giving up on him. Darrell, I am so proud of you and love you so very much. Cindy, thank you for being the answer to a lot of those prayers, and for making my brother the happiest man alive. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I will post pics and funny moments later. But it has been a long day, and church is tomorrow, so I need to go to bed. My sweet David said it best as I was getting him ready for bed (and he couldn’t hardly hold his eyes open), “Day Over.”

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