No Cups for Kids????

So today the kids and I had lunch with my father-in-law at one of those restaurants that’s not exactly fast food, but it’s not a nice, sit-down kind of place, either. I guess one could describe it as a type of small diner. I ordered our food, and then ordered 2 kids drinks. The lady taking our order apologetically told me that they don’t really have kid-sized drinks, just the regular adult-size, but that it came with a lid. When she showed me the cups, I couldn’t help but notice small, kid-sized cups next to the ones she was showing me. I asked her about them, and this is how the conversation went:

Lady: “We don’t really have kid drinks here, just these regular-sized cups with lids. (holds one up)

Me: “Well, what about those little ones right beside the regular ones?”

Lady: “Those are for coffee”

Me: “Could you not let me have those for the kid drinks and charge the coffee or half the drink price?”

Lady: “No ma’am. But I can charge you for a regular size and just let you use these little ones!”

Me: “No thanks. If you’re going to charge me full price, then I want the full-sized cups.” (even though the boys will just waste half of what is put in there, I thought)

She then turns to my father-in-law after he orders a drink and says, “Sir, do you want a regular drink, or would you like our special senior-size. AND HOLDS UP THE SAME LITTLE CUP!!!! I’m very confused, why would they have a special size and price for seniors, but not for kids? Do they think that seniors suddenly lose the ability to handle a full-size drink? Personally, if I was a senior, I would be insulted. If you’re trying to do the senior citizens a favor, then offer a special seniors’ discount on the regular-sized drink!

After ordering, I noticed there was only one high chair, and it was being used. So I asked the same lady if they had any more high chairs somewhere. She said they didn’t but they did have a booster seat that I could use. I thanked her, but explained that a baby is too small to use a booster seat. She said, “Oh, but you can turn it over, and it has a deeper seat on the other side!” Like that was the solution to keep a baby from falling out onto the floor. This woman obviously did not have kids.

I tell ya, it was a very good thing I remembered just in time that I was wearing a shirt advertising my church, or I would have probably become at least a little un-Christ-like.

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4 thoughts on “No Cups for Kids????

  1. That is bizarre. Since when do seniors get smaller cups? Are you sure she wasn’t being meanly sarcastic about your request? And, I am dying to know what this place was.

  2. I thought it was weird, and even told her so, but I really think she was serious. It doesn’t make sense to me. I wasn’t going to mention it in the post, but was waiting for someone to ask… thanks for playing along! The restaurant was Sneaky Pete’s – the one in the shopping center with Ellis Piano on Hwy. 31. They are a local chain, and the main office is on Acton Road. I am thinking seriously about writing them and asking them to change their policy about kid-sized cups.

  3. HAHA!! I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be mean by laughing I just thought the whole thing was funny! I do completely understand though!!

  4. Oh, I totally understand the humor in it. Once I remembered I was wearing an SMIC t-shirt and so could not be a jerk, I decided to find the humor in it. And I could not WAIT to get home and blog about it! I’m glad I could make someeone else smile, too.

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