Thankful Thursdays

My friend, Rachel, has started a new weekly column called, you guessed it, Thankful Thursdays. She encouraged her fellow bloggers to play along. And since I need to be much better at focusing on my blessings in life, I thought this would be a great tool to help me with that.

Today just happens to be my birthday, and so today I am thankful for 31 years of life. It has been a full life, with great times, hard times, and in-between times; with love, laughter, and tears. The Bible says that God has written our days in His book, so the only reason I have had these 31 years, and all the blessings that came with them, is because He willed it. I am thankful that He thought I was worth creating, that He felt the world was missing something, and so He created me to fill that particular void. The Bible also tells us that He created us for “such a time as this.” So, I am also thankful that He does have a purpose and a plan for me. I am thankful that I know I am walking in His will and have some idea as to what that purpose is – that’s a great feeling!

I am thankful that I know I have eternal life – not in this world, but in one far, far better than anyone can imagine. I am extremely thankful that Jesus Christ died on the Cross – for ME – to give me that eternal life and a relationship with Him in this world. I am thankful that He loves me that much.

I am thankful for my mother, who is the best mom anyone could have. I am thankful that she had the faith to wait on me when it took her a while to get pregnant, and that she had the faith and boldness to ask God for a girl with red hair. I am thankful for how she raised me from the start to obey and love God. My mom was always my biggest supporter and encourager. She loved me when I was difficult to love, and she never stopped believing in God’s best for me. She has always been quick to love and quick to speak the Truth in love. And even though she was always my mom first, she has also been my best friend. I am thankful for her and the awesome relationship we have.

And that is my thankful Thursday thought for this week!

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!I made a mental note last night to tell you happy birthday first thing this morning, but my mental notes often fall off of my head and behind the headboard sometime during the night. Thanks for participating – awesome post!!

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I completely understand about the mental note-thing. I have to tie mine down to the nightstand via pen and paper.I’m glad you liked my post! That means a lot coming from a blogoholic like yourself. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great reminder of God’s grace. You and your sweet children are a blessing to many. Sara Z

  4. This is cool…I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing! And I FINALLY did my blog tag post:) Our internet was down for a while so I’m catching up now.

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