A Sign of the Times

When I was a kid, there were certain things that I took for granted that my parents had not had when they were kids – air conditioning, cable TV, microwaves, etc. And now that I am an adult, I realized that there were things my kids take for granted that I did not have as a child – internet, cell phones, digital cameras, phones that double as cameras, etc. However, yesterday I was taken aback by one thing my kids apparently take for granted. In the interest of trying to not look and feel like a pack mule, I was not bringing the boys’ drink bottles with us to church. David (my 3-yr-old) noticed and protested. I told him that he didn’t need his juice because the teachers would have water to drink for them at church. He said he didn’t like water. I said, “Don’t be silly. You love water.” In his MOST indignant voice, he said, “But Mommy, at church, they make us drink SINK water!”

And that is what they call a generation gap, and a sign that I am now officially old!

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4 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times

  1. That’s hilarious!! My kids have said the same exact thing!!!!

  2. Ha, that’s great!

  3. OK. How weird is this. My sister’s name is Jennifer and she has three kids. She is a 30-something. Her kids and your kids (in the picture you have as a profile pic) look A LOT like my sister’s kids. So, long story short…I thought you were my sister living another life or something. HA! Here’s my sister’s blog http://web.mac.com/hopeforall56/Site/Welcome.html. I realize that you have two boys and a girl, but I swear, that picture looks like my sister’s oldest girl (she’d LOVE that comment) little boy, and baby girl.

  4. Hi Freespirit! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. That is a weird coincidence. I’m always being told that I have a mystery twin – someone who looks just like me – literally from Germany to Canada to the store my mom works at! But I’ve never been told my kids had twins! 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out her blog – and yours – as soon as I have some spare time. Thanks again! I love comments!

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