This is a post about potty-training. I’ve tried to keep it clean, but you can only do so much when dealing with this topic. So be fore-warned and read at your own discretion.

David is finally getting potty-trained!!!!!!! I was beginning to get a little worried. I have always adopted the potty-training philosophy of not forcing the issue (no scheduled potty times, no making him sit on the potty until something happened, etc.), but encouraging them to try when they expressed an interest. David has been interested in the concept for a while, but to no avail. He would sit – or stand – at the potty, but nothing ever happened. That is, until Friday!

My beloved flute teacher and mentor, Janis Nichol, always told me that the way she potty-trained her younger son was by telling him to watch his older brother. Sounded good to me, I mean, David is always wanting to try whatever Harris can do, so why should going to the potty be any different? Another friend of mine, Judi Moore, who has 4 boys, said her boys always just eventually got it without forcing the issue. Again, sounded good to me.

So Friday morning, I was getting the boys in the shower. (They are young enough that I can give them a shower at the same time. It saves time and water.) Harris knows he always needs to go potty before getting in the shower, so he takes care of business and gets in. I turn around to look for David and tell him to get in, and he’s standing at the potty – assuming the “position”. I encouraged him to take his time, and after a couple of minutes…. TINKLE!!!! I was thrilled and did my “happy mommy dance”. Harris kept saying, “I’m so proud of you, David!” David just grinned from ear to ear and got in the shower as if he always went potty.

The best part, is that it wasn’t a one-time deal. He has been consistently going to the potty ever since. He isn’t staying dry, yet, but he is well on his way. We also have to see how he handles the other aspect of potty-training. And because he has been watching Harris for so long, he knows all the potty rules – wiping, flushing, pulling up his pants, and washing his hands. In fact, he’s in there going potty right now – by himself!!

2 down, 1 to go! And they say girls are easy to potty-train!

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