Odd Socks

We all know that dryers eat socks. But what are the odds of my dryer eating the same type of sock out of 2 different pairs?! Let me explain….

A few months ago, I bought Amy Beth a pack of 0-6 mos.-size socks. There were various colors: white, blue, multi, etc. There was one pair that I particularly liked. They were white with a silky yellow flower sewn on the side of each sock. Because these socks were so tiny, I knew they would easily get eaten or otherwise lost in the wash, so I took them out of the package, checked to make sure each pair had 2 socks in them, and washed them by themselves. After they were washed, I then made sure to account for each sock as I transferred them from washer to dryer – all were present and accounted for. At this point I mistakenly assume I’ve covered my bases – that if they are still together at this point, they are bound to stay together ever after. Wrong!

I take the clean and now dry socks upstairs (I even used a basket so that I wouldn’t accidentally drop any) and start to fold them to put in her drawer. I get to the pair with the yellow flower on the side – and one of them is missing!!!! How did that happen?? I look everywhere between where I took them out of the package, to the washer, the dryer, and the couch I was folding them on – nothing. However, a few days later, it turned up – in another load of laundry! The only thing I can figure is the dryer didn’t like the taste of that sock and regurgitated it with the next load of laundry.

So then the other day, I buy Amy Beth some new socks – the 6-18 mos. size (which doesn’t seem possible that I am already buying socks that big. I mean, I just gave birth to her last week, didn’t I?) but it was basically the same kind of socks, because I liked them so much. It had another pair of white socks with the yellow applique, except it was a yellow bow instead of a flower. I went through the same precautions as last time – and still ended up missing a sock – from the SAME pair as last time!!! I mean, what are the odds people?!?!?!?

Perhaps I should go throw another load in the dryer and see if this sock gets regurgitated, too.

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